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Why People Love To Hate App Store Optimization

As a mobile developer, you know how important it is to ensure your app is visible in the App Store and on Google Play Search. While app store optimization is widely regarded as the standard in app marketing, determining the best way to market your product is often easier said than done. Not only do user behaviors and trends evolve with the seasons, but Apple also changes its ASO algorithm on a regular basis. Further, there’s a Catch 22 involved in increasing ranking; while users can’t find apps that don’t rank well in the App Store, apps cannot climb in the rankings unless users have already downloaded them. There’s a reason that people love to hate app store optimization.

Why People Love To Hate App Store Optimization

Still, ASO is a crucial part of app marketing that can’t be ignored. Understanding ASO—and the ways in which it differs from SEO—is crucial to achieving success for your mobile apps.
Importance of Real Data

Despite the fact that both ASO and SEO aim to get products found online, these two methodologies are not the same. The truth is that App Store searchers behave differently from their web counterparts and expect to receive different results. For this reason, marketers can’t use web-based search engine optimization techniques if they hope to boost product sales.

Instead of utilizing “scraped data” from the web, the best app marketers do their research to find out how users are searching in the App Store. Additionally, good ASO requires developers to test their products regularly. Along with testing keywords and adjusting them based on seasonal trends, marketers must evaluate the response to their screenshots, logos, and even calls to action. Not only does ASO help developers reach the maximum number of users in the App Store, but it also allows them to tailor future app development efforts based on what users want.
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