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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Facebook

Business Should Be on Facebook

Why is Facebook so important for marketers?

Many marketers, marketing department representatives in companies or entrepreneurs, when asked why their marketing strategy should allocate space for activities on the Facebook social network, respond evasively or have a prepared answer such as “everyone is on Facebook, so we must too”. This is not true, as in many industries Facebook may have little or no business impact. However, it is worth getting acquainted with the reasons why such presence can actually make sense and be effective. Who knows, maybe they will be used to convince the management board to set up a profile and be active on a regular basis?

Here’s why your business should be on Facebook

#1 To be ahead of competition

A common factor for a company to do social media activities is that its competition is already present there. It is never too late to join the pack – even if your competitors have well-developed profiles and well-engaged brand communities, there will still be a piece of cake for your business. Act based on strategy and patience, and you will notice the first results in a short time.

Just having a presence on Facebook is not enough. You also have to engage with your customers, listen to their opinions and react quickly if necessary – this way you will avoid being called out by them or making embarrassing situations for yourself!

The reason why it makes sense to join the competition already present there is because they are currently providing value for people and it would be a pity not to participate in that. This is just like when someone goes into a restaurant and they see another person eating the food there, if you go later on you will most likely order something from them too.

#2 To use promotion opportunities

Facebook offers great opportunities to promote and target content to the right target groups. Thanks to a highly developed advertising panel, it is possible to set up an effective and effective advertising campaign that will engage target groups closest to the brand’s strategy. This type of advertising often turns out to be cheaper and more effective than TV or radio broadcasts, the range of which cannot be precisely narrowed down.

The use of Facebook advertising requires a well-prepared strategy and regular adjustment according to the results achieved. The main advantage is that it allows for very precise targeting, down to interests, demographics and even contact lists (e-mail addresses or phone numbers).

It should be noted that organic reach on Facebook has decreased significantly in recent years as the number of fans increases. This means that you have to increasingly focus on paid promotion so your content will be seen by more people, not only those who are already registered members.

Also Facebook is very beneficial for businesses because it allows them to target specific audiences. Companies are able to get in touch with the right people depending on what they’re interested in and what kinds of things that may interest them.

#3 To run an attractive presentation of the offer

Forget about banners, fliers and posters. On social media, your offer can be presented in many attractive ways, such as:

  • photo post – publication of content with an added photo
  • link post – publication of content with an added photo and a direct link
  • carousel post – content publication with some photos and links added that looks like a carousel / roulette / gallery
  • offer – showing an offer to be used in an online or stationary store

Facebook offers almost unlimited possibilities to test Facebook ad formats, and it is a marketer’s sin not to use them. Remember, the key is to stand out from the competition and surprise users with an interesting offer.

There are many different types of post that can be put on Facebook. All of these have different benefits for businesses. For example, a photo post will grab attention more than just a text post will.

#4 To gather feedback

Feedback is a basic element of the analysis and optimization of customer service and activities in social media. Facebook, thanks to the publication of both content and comments in real time, can be one of the most effective platforms useful for learning about feedback and researching the needs of potential and current customers. The use of Facebook as a research tool for the needs of customers (and their satisfaction with the offer) is one of its main advantages.

#5 To support building a community

Using social media, building a community around the brand is extremely simple and even limitless due to the low cost, enormous reach, and wide range of target groups.

Content that is interesting to audiences attracts them so they engage with the brand and interact with it, which translates into sales and business goals for a company.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the activity of a group on social media affects not only its members but also their friends. This is due to so-called ‘social contagion’, which means that people tend to adopt behaviours and attitudes of those around them. In this way, it is possible to activate even dormant contacts and turn them into potential customers.

#6 To have possibility to create groups and events

Facebook is not only pages, but also groups and events. By using the potential of groups, it is even faster and easier to create a community that will not be limited by organic reach (i.e. those that are considered on sites as ranges without paid promotion; this indicator is constantly falling and does not seem to change the trend). Events can be a great way for additional interactions and increase brand engagement on social media. Moreover, they are a perfect way to bring people together offline and create loyalty towards the brand.

Over to you

So there you have it – six great reasons why your business should be on Facebook! As you can see, the benefits are many and varied, so it’s definitely worth considering using this social media platform to reach out to potential and current customers. Get started today!

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