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House of the Future: 5 Geeky Technologies Every Family Should Have at Home

The 21st century is starting to bring new technologies into the home that are capable of providing the futuristic experiences that were once solely the domain of science fiction. It is an exciting time to be a homeowner. It seems like some amazing new technology for the home is announced every month. Here is a look at five amazing home technologies that every family should have in their home.

1. Transparent Television

The transparent technology revolution is finally upon us. Google Glass is set to change the face of mobile technology, and transparent televisions are about to start doing the same thing in the home as well. A transparent TV is just like it sounds. The whole TV looks like a pane of transparent glass when it is off. That makes it practically invisible when it is not in use, giving homeowners back the atmosphere of the room when the TV being used. Plus, it’s bound to be a conversation starter for any guests visiting your home.

2. Phone Remote Controls

There are many external devices that homeowners have been able to use for a whole to control their TVs with their smartphones. Those were neat, but now the newest smartphones allow people to control their TVs with their phones with no plugins necessary. It is a feature that already comes standard with some phones on the market, and soon it will likely be a standard feature with all smartphones.

3. Home Security Systems

The home security systems that are available today are incredible. There are security systems that offer homeowners protection in the case of fire, theft and other threats. Homeowners should look into a Tallahassee FL home security system that protects them in the event of any kind of emergency. It is a great way to make their family feel safe and ward off any potential intruders. You can contact Vivint in Richmond TX to find a security system that works for you.

4. Home Automation Systems

These amazing devices let homeowners control their homes from anywhere in the world that they have an Internet connection. can any outlet on and off in their house, control appliances, monitor video and more all over the Internet. Homeowners can even use their smartphones to control their home automation systems, which is both convenient and cool.

5. Floor Plan Light Switches

This incredibly smart piece of technology replaces typical light switches with switches that show a diagram of the floor plan on them. Users simply have to press on the diagram to select the part of the floor where they want the power to turn on. This will end the hassle of pushing the buttons at random in an attempt to try and flick the right switch. This is a cool tech gadget that is sure to impress any visitors you may have.

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