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Cloud Surveillance System Is The Modern Day Industry Need. Know Why?

With advances made in the technological and IT sector, businesses worldwide are turning to cloud-based security camera system at an exponential rate. The demand for cloud-based surveillance system is so high that the industry is predicted to surpass the net worth of 70 billion US dollars, by the end of the year 2020.

The reason behind the sudden surge in popularity for cloud-based surveillance systems is businesses these days are aiming towards security solutions that are not only precise but also efficient and pocket-friendly. With that information in mind, let us now take a look at why cloud surveillance system is the modern day industry need:

It’s pocket-friendly

As per several independent surveys conducted by leading market researchers, it was found that 4 out of 5 businesses are running their entire operations over the cloud. They have shed their traditional, PC based infrastructure and moved to the cloud for services like:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Backup
  • Applications &

The primary reason for adopting cloud-based security camera system is savings. A business can cut their IT support costs and redeploy excess workforce to other pressing responsibilities leading to an exponential growth in business both in terms of revenue generation and productivity.

Moving to a cloud-based surveillance system can help a business to cut their upfront investments by many folds which allow businesses to invest the unused capital in developing other sectors in their business that needs an upgrade.

It’s efficient

A cloud base surveillance system consists of a server infrastructure that is being shared by several clients of the service provider simultaneously. In such a case, the hardware is utilized to its fullest that brings down the cost for supporting workloads. When the infrastructure is better used, it means the chance of a server idling is null. When hardware sits idle, it means wasted energy leading to excess utility bills. Shared infrastructure means efficient use of power leading to reduced running costs.

It provides remote access to real-time surveillance footage

Cloud-based security surveillance systems give businesses with a chance to have access to the surveillance footage of their premises from remote locations. It not only allows business owners to keep an eye on what goes on in their office in their absence but also make sure the workforce is carrying out their duties in the most efficient way. Remote access to surveillance footage also make sure that the authorities can be alerted just in time if any suspicious activity is noticed.

It’s highly scalable

Cloud-based surveillance systems can be scaled up or scaled down without the need to involve technicians. The capabilities, services, and reach of cloud-based surveillance systems are available in the official portal of the service provider. If a business wants to expand their surveillance network, they can ask their service provider to do so. The latter will scale up the service offered to their client with a few clicks in minimal time delay.

Cloud-based surveillance systems are in vogue and as per statistics; the trend is here to stay. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, another contributing factor that makes cloud-based surveillance systems so popular is its ease of optimization, monitoring and controlling the infrastructure that can be leveraged by implementing a metering function to the type of service provided to a client.

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