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A Review of Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor events require the perfect sound. For this to happen, the organizers and hosts need to identify the best speakers for this purpose. Few can match up to Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers in terms of the quality of sound it produces every time and these type of speakers are available at

With these speakers, you should never have to worry about the quality of sound for your outdoor event. The sound remains topnotch whether your event is in the garden, terraces, or near the swimming pool.

Its manufacturers began making speakers way back in 1986. Since then, they have carefully improved year after year their range of outdoor speakers that are not only rugged and reliable, but also fantastic on the ear courtesy of the sound they emit. For a more in-depth review, check out

Seasons Landscape Collection

Does your garden need background music? If yes, then you should begin budgeting for the Seasons Landscape Collection. Back them up with a subwoofer and they will produce the sort of sound that makes you appreciate Origins Acoustics Outdoor Speakers in a new way.

The speakers are small hence must be placed in many different places around the garden.

Install them along walkways and paths where your guests are for more effective results.

Outdoor Collection

The outdoor collection is ideal for installation and use around swimming pools, basketball courts, gardens, and terraces. Compared to the Seasons Collection, they fill outdoor spaces much better. What is more, they are available in a wide range of sizes.

The collection uses 4 x 8in drivers.

Users can install this collection horizontally or vertically, depending on their needs. They come in black and white colors thus making them easy to hide anywhere in the garden. Use these speakers together with buried subwoofers to create fully immersive bass.


Outdoor Subwoofer Options

The outdoor space you use for your events needs all the bass it can get from your speakers. Adding a few buried subwoofers gives Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers the ability to fill your space with the bass.

Some of the subwoofer options here include the 8-inch to 12-inch ranges.

Feel free to calibrate and equalize the speakers to your taste. The calibration and equalization gives the speakers the best audio balance for the garden.

Role in Outdoor Cinema

Anyone designing an outdoor cinema system should also include Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers. The speakers are capable of transitioning from stereo audio to full surround when listening to music and watching films respectively.

The speakers give you more control thus enabling you to handle TV and film audio separately. With that level of control, you can make the TV dialogue flow through each speaker as the film audio becomes not only fully directional but also immersive. For more information about installing these speakers in a home cinema, check out

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