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Nissan Makes Announcement About Its Self-Driving System

There is a lot of criticism surrounding cars that drive themselves, or self-driving cars. This is why some may think it’s a bit odd for Nissan to announce news relating to the company’s system. However, the company is well aware.

Reuters reported that Nissan launched a number of auto driving features, which are called ProPilot. The company also announced its new Serena minivan will be released in August in Japan. It will be the first line of vehicles that will have the technology.

The car company described how the system works, and in a statement the company said that ProPilot uses image-processing technology, which aids drivers with single-lane traffic on highways. The camera acquires information, and in turn the car can remain a specific distance from the vehicles in front of it. It will also assist driver sin stopping when other vehicles slow down.

Nissan didn’t mention the incidents involving Tesla. However, it did mention there are dangers involved with self-driving cars, and they said the function is only semi-auto, which means it isn’t design to be used without a driver assisting it. ProPilot alerts the driver when their hands are not on the steering wheel for a few seconds.

The company’s executive vice president said the functions are simply designed to support drivers. He also noted that there is a difference between self-driving capabilities and technology supporting drivers. Also, it’s worth pointing out that ProPilot doesn’t work in the vehicle if it is travelling under a certain speed or when the windshield wipers are on.

Nissan said in 2017, it will introduce the system into the Qashqai line. That will be for the European market. However, there are plans for manufacturing in both the Chinese and US markets.

It appears that Nissan is aware of the negative press self-driving vehicles have gotten. However, people can only speculate what the technology will be like because Nissan has yet to release the system. It is helpful to know how drivers should use the technology, and it’s good that Nissan has provided that kind of information to drivers.

Remember, drivers have to have their hands on the steering wheel and they have to pay attention to the road because self-driving cars are not fully autonomous. The systems are designed to assist drivers, and Tesla also reminds people that they have to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times. However, we don’t actually know if people follow that advice.

Also, the system and technology doesn’t appear to consider what drivers may do, and it doesn’t offer full protection against what other drivers may do on the roads. It is worth watching what happens in regards to the technology. One thing is clear, and that is more and more of these cars will likely be available to consumers, especially as the technology evolves.

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