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The iCarbot – F-Wheel’s Latest Patent 4 Wheel Hoverboard


Today is a day for the history books when it comes to technologically advancements because today is the day when F-Wheel released their latest hoverboard design, the iCarbot. Using a unique and patented 4 wheel design, this hoverboard uses the two front wheels as a powering mechanism with the two back wheels acting as a stabilizing factor. It has a modern design and is quite lightweight, while still being extremely sturdy, weighing only 3.4 kilograms. Due to its length of 39 centimeters by 32 centimeters, this item can easily carry individuals of up to 120 kilograms and with large footwear.

The iCarbot is available in two basic colors, black and white. The black option has red accents along the wheels and the white presents with white accents. It not only has a supercharged appearance, but the lithium battery also allows for the item to last approximately 15-20 kilometers at a speed of 12 km/hour. It is easily charged under two hours and can charge in any temperature, just as it can operate in any temperature. Due to the lithium battery, the iCarbot is able to be easily controlled on inclines below 15 degrees (height and hill angle).

An impressive technological feature of F-Wheel’s newest hoverboard is the ability to control the device using an Android or iOS phone with the relevant app. The app will also indicate the battery level of the iCarbot and the location of the hoverboard. According to F-Wheel, the collaboration with a German group to create this item has resulted in the highest levels of quality, customer satisfaction and ability to cater to international audiences. To ensure high levels of quality, a stringent standard was followed using the “Six Sigma” quality manufacturing procedure.

A spokesperson for F-Wheel stated that the primary motivation for creating the iCarbot was to design a product that would make short distance travel convenient, comfortable, and eco-friendly. The aim was to create something that would be a stylish method for personal travel where one can travel without having to break a sweat. Check out some of the images below shared by F-Wheel. Videos can also be viewed to see the iCarbot itself.

F-Wheel is the most prominent maker of hoverboards in China with its products ranking on the top three in the country. The first group of pre-orders for the iCarbot has sold out with the second group available on the website for $461. Be sure to order one before it is too late.

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