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Is LG G7 better than its rivals


Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 offers juicier AMOLED-display (also extended), the best camera on the market and futuristic appearance due to the curved edges of the screen. Performance is higher, but in everyday use, it is not felt, at least for now, but a little worse than autonomy while the price is higher – 961.034USD to the official retail. LG G7 is also ready to compete with its rivals with a bendable OLED screen, Snapdragon 845 processor – higher chipset than Galaxy S8.

Xiaomi Mi 6 occupies the position of leader of economical that the current generation is expressed only in the price and the intricacies of the firmware. The device does not brag a new aspect ratio but keeps the bar sports a cool look and the most powerful Snapdragon 835. In contrast to this, rumors for LG G7 claimed that the upcoming beast will come out with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and the expected price of the hero LG G7 might be 925.672USD.

Huawei P10 Plus more traditional in question looks smart phone for most other parameters competes with LG G6, if you omit all the same protection and a separate chip Hi-Fi, and the dual-camera configuration is not so interesting from the point of view of use cases – then the second module monochrome, for more details. A good option for 20 thousand: if you do not want to communicate with non-standard aspect ratio. As Huawei and LG G7 are cheaper than Galaxy S9, the chances for the alternative options are Huawei and LG G7 is more. Therefore, increasing the demand for LG G7 would be highly profitable to the company due to its cheaper price.

LG G6 pleases compact body, great screen, useful implementation of a dual camera, advanced DAC. Pleasant appearance and glass panels at the front and the back did not stop to introduce support IP68 standard, and even confirm the number of items to meet the military standard MIL-810G – this is the most secure top-end smartphone market. LG will go the same for its stylish upcoming beast of 2018, the LG G7: fabricate it with full care and protection by covering it with Corning Gorilla glass 5 on both sides.

Usually, the new aspect ratio harms the sense of beauty when you use non-optimized software, but the situation is getting better with the LG G6 optimized software, works quickly, and get used to the small distortions quickly. Speed, a current version of Android and proprietary software features help in overcoming the aesthetic disorder, and an elongated screen attracts enough attention to not pay it on the logo below the display. The super dashing design concept for LG G7 is incredible. LG G7 with its new Android O Version will provide you all the fascinating rapid features within a very pretty color rendering.

The smartphone is good in everyday use: it wants once again to twist the light, check social network, take a picture of a beautiful building. It is stylish enough to pass as a fashion accessory, but also a reasonably strict – a businessman can put it on the table in the negotiations and not collect smile interlocutors. The screen is not as futuristic as curved or almost frameless variations of the competition, but it is more convenient to use. Hope, the futuristic screen technology of LG G7 could help the smartphone in giving it a tag of “the most wanted smartphone”.


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