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What Do the Purported iPhone 7 Plus Photos Reveal?

Apple will be releasing two separate iPhone 7 models this fall. The smaller phone will have a 4.7-inch screen and the larger one will have a 5.5-inch screen.

There have been leaks showing the smaller version of the iPhone 7; however, there has not been much information about the larger “plus” or “pro” model.

Some leaks of the new iPhone 7 Plus have been leaked in China. If these photos are real, they offer the best look at this new phone and some of its features.

You can take a look at the photo here. Then, continue reading to find out more information about this leaked photo.

Purported iPhone 7 Plus

When you are looking at these photos, pay close attention to the following:

– Three Dots Located at the Bottom of the iPhone

These look like the Smart Connector that is used on the iPad. This type of connector allows users to connect a keyboard to the iPad.

– The Camera

The camera looks to be redesigned. It appears to have two lenses. These lenses could be used for a zoom feature or even virtual reality, which requires two cameras to better measure depth.

– The Missing Mute Switch

In one shot, it appears the new iPhone will no longer have a mute switch. Although this may seem surprising, it actually isn’t. Apple removed the mute switch on the iPad a few years back.

– The Home Button

The Home Button appears to be redesigned. This may be an indication that Apple is going to a touch sensitive button what will not break as often.

* The Logo

The Apple logo in these photos looks quite different. Could it be that the logo is being removed?

Ultimately it is difficult to determine whether these supposed leaked photos are real because not much information about the iPhone 7 Plus has been released. Most information that has been received is about the smaller model.

However, Ming Chi Kuo along with numerous other analysts have hinted at the possibility of a dual lens camera and smart connector on the new iPhone 7, so these photos line up with the analysts’ discussion. Furthermore, production of the new iPhone has started begun in Asia.

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