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A Quick Overview of popular Video Downloading Android Apps

There are plenty of Android apps in the market that makes the task of downloading videos an easy one. Some of them levy charge, whereas others are popular and comes to you at free of cost.

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The popular videos that are downloaded from various sites are segregated as independent files that could be used with your favourite video playing app. This app has access to thousands of portals along with websites where you can download videos from any source. In addition you can download any videos by pasting the link of your choice. You can go on to select any format as per your choice when you happen to download the videos. In the days to come more formats are being constantly added.

In order to download the videos on this app you have to opt for Vidmate install in the first place. This is an easy process where you have to launch the app and on the home screen you might want to locate a video that you are looking to download. It is possible to select the quality along with format of the video that you are looking to download


This is one of the popular video downloading apps on the Android platform. In order to download the videos no form of additional software installation is needed. From a host of sites you can download videos as per the format of your choice. In fact it goes on to support a host of sites. This app is never going to display any ads on the home page. Any downloaded videos can be saved on to your storage device and you can access it anytime. To obtain the file at a high speed, the app relies on an advanced download engine.

This app also runs without Google play services. In order to keep this app it is an effortless task as you need to proceed on to any site on your mobile device and click where you want to download. Considering the availability along with preference you can download any videos as per your choice.


The concept of steaming videos is accessible a lot these days when you have a smartphone and a stable internet connection. On occasions when the internet connection is not stable it does make sense to save the videos offline for later viewing. This means that you can take these videos when you are on the go.

This app may be light in weight but is fully equipped. The developers have gone on to formulate it in such a way that it provides the users with an original YouTube experience. Without any form of ads the interface of this app is self- explanatory. As a user, you are free to watch, and download videos as a one stop app. As compared to the other apps in the market it is not going to collect any personal information of the users. As this app is banned by Google you are not going to find it on the official Google play store.

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