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Advance Your IT Knowledge: 4 Paths To Pursue

The information technology field is growing strong. Consumers are participating in micro technology and an increasing presence of mobility. As a result, now is the time to advance your depth of IT knowledge as it becomes embedded in every aspect of our culture. Here are a few paths to pursue that can advance your training as well as provide new insight into the diversity of information technology.


The user experience and user interface design field is a fast-growing field that combines Psychology and an understanding in the latest web development techniques. The UX/UI field is a popular path for those interested in being at the forefront of the latest layout of applications or getting inside the mind of the typical consumer. User experience design and user interface design share similar traits under the umbrella of Usability. UX designers focus mainly on how users navigate software and websites and improving that experience. Usability training is an excellent way to increase the depth of knowledge in the emotional experience of users and the Psychology behind IT.


An MBA in information technology management is an excellent way to extend your IT knowledge into the business community. An MBA is a diverse degree that adds a level of business expertise often missing in information technology settings. Schools such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology offer an entirely remote MBA program that combine leadership training and in-depth skills in technology development. A master’s in management of information systems provides a balance for those looking to move into management positions.
Health Information Science

Health and wellness are growing more complex as more cures are found and patient access is becoming more readily available for new treatments. A graduate degree in health information science and informatics is becoming a popular option for those wanting to enter the medical field. It also couples well as a supplemental training if you’re experienced in the medical field. Informatics experts are concerned with data privacy and ease of access to information in hospitals and clinics. The provide training and develop software for data recovery.

The breach of consumer information and hacking is a global epidemic. Training in information forensics and security is a fast way to improve your knowledge in data protection. This field focuses on developing safer methods for businesses to protect data as well as anticipate potential threats such as viruses. Information security experts also design and implement new programs and patches to protect data at the enterprise level.

These four paths are some of the most exciting careers that offer the greatest impact on information technology for the future. Whether you’re looking to manage an infrastructure or design the creative elements of how an interface is structured, there is a path for that. Information technology is rapidly expanding and business-oriented professionals will be necessary to work in most fields.

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