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Lido Learning – A Perfect Place To Learn In A Fun Way

Lido Learning

Today, because of the classroom’s large size, teachers tend to follow a “show and tell” approach to teaching concepts. In such classes, students do not participate in the learning process. The after-school lesson’s nature is slightly different because the classroom size is small, which allows more attention to the teacher.

However, the main problems remain the same: the teacher shows how to solve the issues and then does the homework and the same assessment of the students in all the groups. But many educators do not have the tools or the bandwidth to provide the appropriate training that students need to improve their vulnerable areas. This interaction between students and teachers is critical to learning success as teachers provide training, coaching, and problem-solving.

Why choose Lido?

At Lido, we want to make sure that every student in the class learns at all times. We do this by creating the best classroom content to match your school curriculum and bring it in the most interactive and fun way to our live classroom (think animated videos, games, live questions!). And we do this in the form of a small group of only six students so that students can ask doubts, get support, and build meaningful relationships with their Lido teachers.

The advantages of learning in Lidos-

1) Complete, best in class, flexible learning: We have built excellent content, excellent testing, and outstanding practice issues with in-depth research. As soon as a student uses Lido, all the resources they need, and more, are all on the platform: no additional E-learning apps, question banks, practice tests, explanatory videos. By following each learner’s learning path, we can customize homework, extra practice, corrective assistance, and identification challenges where each student is most in need

2) Live and Collaborate: The middle-class size of India is 55 students, which means students do not get the customized care they need when it comes to problem-solving, training, and counseling. Lido learning brings a better environment.

3) Fun: The alarming truth is that most students hate studying, and why not? They are used to hold textbooks, boring formats, and single guided reading. Not only does Lido’s learning happen through immersive storytelling, real-world examples, live quiz competitions.

4) Quality guaranteed: High-quality teachers are in short supply in India, so traditional beauties cannot measure teacher shortage. At Lido, you can count on every teacher being carefully tested and trained through our complex, but most importantly, given the tools they need to deliver a good learning experience.

5) Inexpensive: Our goal is to make democracy a quality education: education is not limited to the big cities and those who can afford it. Through our content, our teachers, and the platform, we can bring the best learning in the classroom to every single student in the world at affordable prices. Our online format makes it easy to read anytime, anywhere.


For these reasons, Lido learning has been a popular way of fun and interaction along with learning something new. The various advantages prove it to be the best place to learn.

Gabriel Dustin
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