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Hidden Surveillance Cameras: Understanding The Available Options

Hidden surveillance cameras provide an excellent way to monitor your home or business without anyone knowing that they are indeed being watched. While these cameras provide an impressive way to monitor various environments, how the cameras or security systems are masked still remains a work of art. The options available to help hide these cameras while at the same time blending with the background are amazing and enthralling.

The main idea behind hidden cameras isn’t by how great its program or transmission is, but how you can hide them in plain eyesight, yet no one notices cameras are watching. Some of the exciting options for hidden cameras include:

1. Household Rooms

Some of the most popular masked surveillance cameras come in forms of familiar household objects placed in plain eyesight. These could be clock, flower vase or even a ball point pen placed at any corner of a room. These cameras help cover the home at various angles and are often placed in different locations.

2. Dolly Eyes

Cameras concealed as a teddy bear eyes are very popular in households, especially when one wants to monitor nannies or babysitters. These cameras are almost impossible to detect unless one is suspicious of the dolly or teddy bears themselves. This, therefore, gives the homeowner or parents an excellent way to watch their children and to ensure they are in good hands. Should a nanny try to mistreat the kids, these cameras will pick almost everything, thus providing video evidence – which may be needed during a criminal investigation.

3. Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are found in almost every home and located in every room, hence perfect spots for hidden surveillance cameras. Cameras places in the outlets or smoke detectors provide a bird’s eye view of every room.

4. Alarm Clocks (Digital)

Digital alarm clocks are very common in almost every bedroom. Many people depend on these clocks to wake up on time – which again makes them a perfect place to hide a camera. This option works best if you need to add security (in case anyone breaks in), as well as evidence should there be a disagreement.

Hidden cameras are an excellent security option especially if you need to keep your family safe. These cameras record everything happening inside the house; hence the recordings can be used as evidence in a court of law. You can, therefore, combine some of the options mentioned here with other security features to improve safety within your home.

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