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Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your PCB Manufacturer

With so many PCB manufacturers to choose from, it is normal to feel overwhelmed in choosing the best. It may come as a surprise to some you, but not all PCB manufacturers are created equal. In reality, some manufacturers simply don’t measure up to your expectations.

This article will provide you key questions to ask the manufacturers for you to spot their credibility and reliability over others.

(Experience) How many years have you been in business?

When it comes to manufacturing circuit boards, experience plays an important role. This question sheds light on both the manufacturer’s competence and their ability to constantly adapt and innovate over time.

(Credibility) what are your certifications?

Sometimes, manufacturers offer unbelievably low-priced circuit boards with a very quick delivery system, often sacrificing the quality of work. By asking this question, you will have a better insight into the quality of a manufacturer’s processes, materials, and of course the printed circuit boards. But you also have to be aware of some manufacturer who claims to be compliant with certain quality standards but hasn’t followed the proper procedures to become officially certified.

(Location) where is your customer service team located?

It is important to note that some PCB manufacturers do not have a customer service team, some of them only have a sales team that occasionally performs customer service duties. This question will allow you to know how much the manufacturer value communication and long-term relationships. This is especially true if time-zone delays or language barriers make it impossible to get the service they deserve.

(Manufacturing location) where do you manufacture your circuit boards?

It might come as a surprise but the majority of the PCB brokers are simply the middleman between customers and manufacturers.

(Uniqueness) what makes your company unique?

Most PCB manufacturers find this question very difficult, because of the reason that they do not have an answer to it. Many manufacturers do little or nothing to stand out, most of them are already contented with going with the flow. If they can show any argument about how unique they are, chances are they have just the same quality as the rest.

(Business experience) does the manufacturer have experience in producing devices similar to yours?

This is related to that question of track record, but it is a bit different. A manufacturer could have a very established track record, however, they may also have minimal experience in producing devices that come from your design.

Although not all of the PCB manufacturers will be completely honest while answering the questions above. If something seems strange or too good to be true, it might be best to ask them nicely for proof to back up a company’s claim or you can do your research.

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