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How to Grow Your Online Business with the Help of Reddit

Reddit users call this social media platform the „Front Page of the Internet”. Although I haven’t used it very much myself, because I prefer Pinterest, and Facebook, the benefits of this easy-to-use content curation network are not to be denied. Basically, Reddit is a social news platforms in which different users can interact and comment on stuff that other users have posted. Of course, not all users are objective. In the past, certain companies would create phantom accounts and leave negative comments to certain products. This is why Reddit came up with a „Karma” system, which keeps away spammers. But how exactly can you use Reddit to grow your business? As experts from a full service digital agency would advise you, there are certain steps you, too, can follow.

1. Encourage Submissions

Like all social media platforms, Reddit is not a site on which you can simply post self-serving links. It is the place for interaction and engaging with your readership and fans. The best way to grow a business is by creating a loyal community. Figure out ways to increase the sense of ownership within the community, and also attract more people.

2. Customer Service

I can’t remember who came up with this idea, but it was a brilliant one. Nobody likes to talk to robots, and by providing customer service on social media platforms, you can prove to your clients that you are 100% dedicated to their cause. This will make them more willing to purchase your product. Moreover, you can provide people with a place where they can discuss an item. The golden rule is that the customer is always right, and it is better to keep one than to find another one through other mediums.

3. News and Calendar

Social networks are the best places to promote different events, and faithful brand worshipers would love to know about them in due time. As a result, you should definitely have a calendar of events. Moreover, you should make sure that it displays your companies name in order to keep visitors in the loop.

4. Interviews

Nobody wants to know what you’re life is like, unless you are a popular icon. People are attracted to success stories, and what better way to inspire people than by sharing them? You can make a study of the most frequently asked questions, and then ask a star to answer them. It doesn’t have to be David Bechkam or Orlando Bloom. Aim for a smaller brand and build up. The benefit of this approach is the fact that you can allow the community to interact with their favorite characters.

5. Build a Community

Take steps to create a strong, tight-knit community. It is no secret that there are more emotional buyers than logical ones, and if you manage to make the members of your community feel like they belong, they will definitely be more willing to purchase from you and you alone.

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