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Google Pixel 2: Correcting First Generation Errors

Google officially announced it: the Google Pixel 2 will indeed see the day. For the date, we talk about an outing this year 2017!

The Google Pixel is one of the most commanding phones in the market. Unfortunately, the latter suffers from numerous software or hardware bugs that strongly prevents it from being the number one. Many think that Pixel is only a trial version of its successor that we will call the Google Pixel 2 (before another official name). And it seems that the phone will indeed see the day this year according to the firm itself.

It was Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of Google in charge of hardware, who confirmed it in an interview with AndroidPIT about the Google Pixel 2 (whose firm also denied the low price version of the phone).

Google Pixel 2 Concepts:

  • Very realistic concept
  • Concept with glass back
  • Concept of the Google Pixel 2 glass and metal

Google Pixel 2: other features

Apple had announced a big change: the disappearance of the mini jack to the benefit of the Lightning plug in the short term, and obviously develop the industry of wireless headphones in the medium / long term. Its main competitor in the US market, Google, would have decided to do the same if rumors of 9to5Google is believed.

Google Pixel 2 will come out with Android O

While the Pixels replaces the old line of Nexus, these phones have become the emissaries of Google in terms of OS for Android. While the Pixel was the first to benefit from Android Nougat, we will surely see the Pixel 2 come out with an O (8.0) version of the software.

After the first rather disappointing results of the Google Pixel 2 published by the Indian Express, here is very good news for the Google Pixel 2. The new opus of Google should indeed be resistant to water. The information was confirmed by a representative of the brand to our American confederate of 9to5Google:

“A little treat we were told last October and I forgot:” Waterproofing will probably be available for the next generation of pixels.”

Google is thus responding to one of the strongest criticisms made of the first generation of pixels. Its biggest competitors, iPhone (IP67) and Galaxy S7 (IP68), offer this feature which now becomes mandatory for the one who aspires to be the best smartphone.

You remember the paragraph a little higher that said it will be even more expensive, is not it? Well we were told the existence of a cheaper model, another version of Pixel. We expect a smaller phone with less performance, something that can compete with the OnePlus 3T. Unfortunately, we have no more information on this, but it is very promising.

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