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Entering into the realm of Fortnite

About the game

Fortnite is an online multiplayer game developed by Epic Games in the year 2017. Conceptualized way back in 2011, it has garnered much of the momentum and fan base till date and has witnessed more than a million downloads on different mobile and PC devices. It has three distinct game mode versions which share a common gameplay and game engine- Save the World where a team up to four players has to defend itself against a world of zombies, Battle Royale where 100 players fight against each other for the last survival title and Creative where the players are given their freedom to create their own virtual arena. This article discusses further on the same and the steps for fortnite download pc.

The features

The following are the general features of the game that have given it this huge fan base in today’s time: –

  • Save the World– In this, the team of survivors has to fight against hordes of zombies who have wiped over 98 percent of earth’s population and in the process build shelters for themselves, collect the different resources and save the other humans trapped in the outside. With each mission, the players are awarded points that can aid them in upgrading new characters and other character attributes.
  • Battle Royale– In this, 100 random players fight against each other to be the ultimate survivor by landing to a map of the location, collecting different resources and weapons to upgrade their characters and keep killing their enemies. It can be played either in solo mode or duo mode or squad mode with a maximum intake of four players.
  • Creative– A sandbox version of the game, where the players are given freedom to create their own world out of an isolated island and keep fulfilling the different missions and challenges that are given to them. It is the most strategic one out of the previous two.

The system requirements

The following are the basic system requirements for PC that would aid in smooth fortnite download pc: –

  • OS- Windows 7 64 bit and higher versions
  • Processor- Core i3 2.4 GHz and above
  • Memory- 4 GB RAM and above
  • Graphics Card- GeForce GT 520 v2 and above versions
  • Hard Drive Space- 20 GB

The steps for installation

The following are the basic steps for fortnite download pc: –

  • Checking of the system requirements prior to downloading of Fortnite
  • Downloading the APK from the official website of Epic Games
  • Selecting PC/MAC option to create an account associated with the game
  • Signing in to the account to access the game installer and initiate the download
  • Visiting the downloads folder and clicking on the APK to complete the next steps of installation

Thus, the game gets installed smoothly in the PC and in case of any other queries, there are a number of dedicated blogs offering additional info on the same.

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