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Dedicated Server Or Cloud Hosting: Which One To Choose

Dedicated Server Or Cloud Hosting

The hosting industry is growing rapidly and this leads to improvement in the technology of different hosting solutions. Their multiple types of hosting servers available in the market that enable users to store files. It is very common suggestion that almost every newbie is asked to opt while buying hosting for the website is shared hosting the most economical type of hosting. But what if you are looking to switch to cloud or dedicated then which option is best for your website is more confusing while selecting between two.

It is suggested to do research and analyse these two hosting solutions. This will help you to know which option is best suited to your requirements. Here you will get a detailed comparison of Dedicated and Cloud hosting solution.

Dedicated Server:-

In dedicated server a physical structure server is fully dedicated to your website. Sometimes hosting providers commits to offer minimal support with 100% server availability and linking the machine to the network. With the help of dedicated server, you can generate inflexibility and excess on the technical part. In most of the cases, it is compulsory to have technical support service who is specialized in the programming and configuration of the hosting server.

However, dedicated server is physical machines and whilst as it takes longer time to set up as compared to the cloud. You can configure your server as per your requirement and you get the opportunity to select the processor, RAM, Operating system and storage as per your need.

Moreover, If you are using machines with various high speed processors, SSD hard drives and the essential amount of DDR4 RAM. For multiple usage, you can develop a cluster of dedicated servers as per your use.

If you are looking to maintain backup servers for the emergency then it will cost you more as it is expensive. It is the best option for those websites who receive good amount of traffic and need hosting databases and web apps. If you are looking for Dedicated Server Hosting India then do check MilesWeb and get the best plan for your website.

Advantages of Dedicated server:-

Features of dedicated are not similar as compare to shared: Whenever you decide to opt for dedicated server then you will observe that all server features are unique. In dedicated server, you remove bad scripts that are running on other websites or bandwidth peaks and it does not influence your server.

Better performance and security:- In dedicated server, you will experience good uptime of the website. Additionally, you get 100% guarantee that your website is not sharing the same space with a malicious website. Server offer better security and it is crucial for the companies dealing with FTP and SSL.

Cloud hosting:-

This kind of server can store and run data, systems and files with the help of external data center. However, opting for cloud hosting will benefit you with the features like agility, privacy, flexibility, cost saving as compared to other hosting solution. A numbers of enterprises of all the sizes and segments are moving to cloud computing and professionals are adopting cloud on a cost-effective basis.

You can access this server from anywhere and from any device. A flexibility of using the services as per the customer needs, configuration and data security make cloud most preferred option. You Pay as per your usage. If you are using files with large disk volume, access to these servers is fast and works without crashes or errors.

Getting cloud hosting for your website is good option but you have to check the providers and compare the service. You also get chance to scale your resources vertically and horizontally. Looking for Best cloud server hosting provider than check MilesWeb cloud.

Advantages of cloud hosting:-

Good performance:- Gone those days where old servers require physical space, cables and connections along with the cooling system to air conditioning the environment, including one IT professional that create a very complex structure. With cloud it’s all over and server is cheaper and complex for all types of businesses. Cloud providers who host data centers and particular structure for the customers, that make the process more dynamic and smooth. In short, cloud offers the best service and performance for the entrepreneurs.

Low cost:- One of the main benefit of cloud hosting is price and that makes easy for the businesses to opt for cloud easily. Due to pay per usage feature resources are utilized properly and save. Specially for small and medium sized businesses this is one of the cost saving feature.

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