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Best Art and Painting Apps for Android Users

Painting Apps

Do you have an artist in you? Do you want to fulfil your painting cravings and desires? Well, no need to join any class or take any training with any tutor when you can have your own personalised painting applications.

It would be good if you do 9apps Apk download and go for the applications that you desire for painting desires. There are endless options in painting apps and you can come across some amazing ones. Anyhow, to help you a little, below are a few apps you might want to consider.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

This app Illustrator Draw possesses a variety of drawing options for users. It has layers, different pen tips having diverse customization features each and you can also zoom in up to even that of x64 to apply finer details to your tasks. Once you are done you can easily export it to your device for sharing or you can even export it to the laptop or desktop for use on other Adobe products. In this app you would get a chance to explore different dynamic options and you would end up with enhancing your creativity and skills.


It is one of the distinct drawing apps. The application allows you to do pixel art. The app offers up a grid and you can easily zoom in and move around to form little scenes or people just by filling in the pixel boxes. You can also zoom out to see your entire creation. The platform also encompasses auto-saving, undo and redo, and even being a user you can export your work once you’re done another exciting aspect of this app is that it is easy to use and not too heavy.


It is one of the in-depth drawing applications. The main claim that the app makes is that it has the amazing number of brushes it provides. You can even make use of one of the seventy brush, smudge, and different other tools to make your artwork shine. The app also encompasses layers and blending. You can export the work to JPEG, PNG, or also PSD so you can import it that of Photoshop later. This is quite a good app to choose and the advanced features make this app a great option.

LayerPaint HD

This is one of the drawing apps on android that is quite more enhanced and advanced. The features of this app are unending. A few of the famous features of this app are like PSD (Photoshop) support, pen pressure support, and even that of a layer mode. The layer mode even allows you to add a diversity of effects to your drawings. The app even supports keyboard shortcuts if you use one of those attached keyboards. This app is quite heavy and can take up a chunk of bigger space but if you can afford the space then you should not miss out on this.


Thus, you need to spice up your life with art and painting apps that can give boost to your creativity and enhance your skills.

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