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Affiliate marketing 2020 in a nutshell

What an advertiser gains on affiliate marketing

The advertiser gains access to new customers at low cost. Saves time on creation, analyzing and checking advertising systems (Facebook or Google Ads). Although of course it can be implemented alongside affiliations as parallel marketing activities.

Thanks to affiliate programs, the advertiser quickly reaches a wide audience. The role of “relays”, sellers and presenters is played by influencers as well as blog and page owners. Customers are readers, subscribers and fans. If the advertiser wanted to reach customers through other advertised channels – it would cost him a lot of time, money and undertaking a wide range of activities: from finding target groups, setting, refining the ads to (perhaps most importantly) building brand awareness and the result – measuring the effectiveness of actions. In short – he would have to take on the entire marketing process in which a potential customer would make a purchase decision.

Here, this brilliant component, which is the issue of building trust in the product, is taken by the broker – becoming the brand’s ambassador and recommending items. This recommendation often works better than the best advertising campaign.

What a publisher gains on affiliate marketing

Thanks to the affiliation, they receive a commission on each item sold on the advertiser’s website (in the most common cooperation model) or a commission for the action taken by the user (see below in the section dedicated to cooperation models). What’s important – he bypasses the entire customer service process (contact, shipping, complaints, returns, packaging).

The commission is automatically added to the account and after exceeding a certain amount, you can withdraw the amount you have accumulated. Of course, something for something – in this model, the commissions are not spectacularly high and reach several percent (within 3-5% of sales or a few cents per click). Affiliate programs are structured so that their installation and operation is as simple as possible. The implementation itself takes a moment.

How to choose the best affiliate program

Among the most important features of good affiliation are a few things. It is worth paying attention to:

  • Billing Model
  • Discount coupons – some advertisers make them available for blog owners – then it’s easier to encourage customers to shop on the site
  • The amount of commission – of course, the higher the better
  • The publisher’s reliability – whether it is systematic in payouts
  • The type of products – the more they coincide with the topic of what you do – the better
  • Affiliate management software – are all statistics tracked in one place, or does each side of the transaction have access to them?

There is no golden mean here – you have to try, test and publish. It all depends on the industry and how you publish.

How much can you earn from affiliate programs

There are many factors that affect this:

  • Popularity of the publisher – it is known that the more fans, the more likely they are to click on the links
  • The publisher’s trust and honesty – how you publish product recommendation entries. Is it only one by one, or do you really recommend only proven products to your fans?
  • Product popularity and recognition
  • Originality, niche of the product – the more specialized your channel and the narrower group of readers are – the easier it is to recommend them dedicated items
  • The convergence of the channel and store topics (if we run a parenting blog, recommending computer hardware is not always a good idea – well, probably a computer for a father who can no longer stand with the child and next to suicide is his only escape route)
  • Type of recommended products
  • Accounting Model
  • Product prices – in the case of commission for sales – CPS, the more expensive the product, the higher the commission
  • Commission amounts – different programs and stores set different commission rates
  • Publisher support – some advertisers add special promotional actions, discount coupons, aids, instructions, banners
  • Ideas for entries – the more creative, original and prolific the publisher is in the reviews, the stronger the incentive to shop – the greater the chance to buy
  • It is also important whether you are performing on one-off “shots” or long-term campaigns designed to ensure stable income for a long time.
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