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Is LG G7 better than its rivals

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 offers juicier AMOLED-display (also extended), the best camera on the market and futuristic appearance due to the curved edges of the screen. Performance is higher, but in everyday use, it is not felt, at least for now, but a little worse than autonomy while the price

Amazing specifications of Galaxy S9

Finally, Samsung finally unveiled the long-awaited Galaxy S8. We had the opportunity to gain access to the new S Series device before starting. Here is a practical overview of Samsung Galaxy S8 of the Samsung flagship in 2017, Next year, Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to release with many latest

Brief Review of the Cat S60

Generally and due to the fact that they easily break if dropped or when submerged in water, tend to fritz out, most smartphones are far too fragile for a job site. This is not the case with the Cat S60, it is designed to continue functioning even after it has

What Do the Purported iPhone 7 Plus Photos Reveal?

Apple will be releasing two separate iPhone 7 models this fall. The smaller phone will have a 4.7-inch screen and the larger one will have a 5.5-inch screen. There have been leaks showing the smaller version of the iPhone 7; however, there has not been much information about the larger “plus”

A Guide To The New Android Phones Released In 2016

While few smartphone creators have revealed the device to be released, it is a known fact that there is a plethora of models to be launched in India during 2016.  Of course, the information for most is still to be attained with creators keeping details to themselves; however, the information